Poet Laureate Gary Young Praises ‘The Weight of Snow’

The poems in The Weight of Snow are heartfelt, skillfully written, and keenly observed fragments of the natural world and our lives there. Bravo. 

– Gary Young, Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County and Author of Pleasure, Braver Deeds, and No Other Life


In The Weight of Snow, author B. L. Bruce explores the many plights of the human species, from the mysteries of the heart and the inescapability of death, to the depths of human emotion. Told from the perspective of a poetic naturalist, Bruce shares her appreciation of the wild, illuminating the profound in the mundane while chronicling the natural world as both an observer and as an irrefutable part of it. Her poems focus strongly on image and locality, conjuring the imaginations of readers and celebrating the beauty in the follies of the human condition and its capacity to grip the soul.

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The Weight of Snow belongs on your bookshelf or coffee table. Keep it close by. The beautiful cover and title itself evoke soul—and then what a treat to open the pages! The poetry is a subtle example of the paradox of soul; for example, it captures both innocence and disillusionment. It is haunting and provocative while simple and natural. The author’s amazing gift of poetic writing and presentation cannot be missed—it’s on every page. Very touching. The poems have that rare quality of taking on new meaning with every read. It is so much more than a book of poems—but you must experience it yourself. This is a book to have and to hold–and then make sure to send one to a friend. – Dr. Linda R. Harper, Author of Eat: A Guide to Discovering Your Natural Relationship with Food and The Joy in Giving to Animals

The best poems are evocative, powerful and transporting. They take you to places, memories, situations or allow you to live vicariously through the experiences of another. The Weight of Snow is such a book from beginning to end. It is not a collection of disjointed poems, thrown together. It is a poignant and beautiful story of a life, experiences, memories and pain. Ms. Bruce is truly a gifted poet and one need only read the first poem, to understand her talent and what this book holds. I highly recommend The Weight of Snow for how it touches, reveals, informs and for its beautiful simplicity – K. E. Heartsong, Publisher at Taylen Lane Publishing and Author of Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters: How the Truths of Our Times May Be Stranger Than Fiction

The Weight of Snow is alive with style and filled with beautiful, nostalgic imagery. Bruce’s free verse poetry is rich with detail, and her evocative language will stay with you long after reading this collection. Deeply introspective and profoundly insightful, each new poem displays great thematic range and literary sensibility. I have no doubt that Bruce will be a strong and important voice for modern poetry. I look forward to her future publications! – J. Rodriguez, Film Producer and Artist

By her descriptive portrayal of the natural world, Bruce would make Mother Nature herself blush with pride. One can expect to find deep meaning and a sense of soulfulness in her poetic language. The poems reflect a passion and desire to know and grasp life with reverence. They stand as testimony to the necessary guardianship that we all must be responsible for in preserving our world and knowing our place in it. – D. J. White, Wildlife Biologist

 [Bruce] has an amazing ability to bring tremendous depth to the most simple of life’s treasures and experiences. With thoughtful insights of a perceptive, educated writer, Bri Bruce eliminates the line between the importance of humankind and nature, and combines them in an exquisite presentation of literary brilliance, leaving the reader looking for answers to questions they never even knew they had. – Heidi Lewin, Life Coach and Counselor

2 thoughts on “Poet Laureate Gary Young Praises ‘The Weight of Snow’

  1. Wow, sounds like a great poetry book! I just stopped by to thank you for visiting and becoming a follower of my blog. Thank you and I hope you will find things there that interest you.

  2. I love the title. Having been stuck in a snow drift, I can relate. It is beautiful, even when it’s dangerous.

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