World of Writing: Poet Interview with Brummet Media Group

In a recent interview with Brummet Media, poet Bri Bruce (writing under the name B. L. Bruce) talks her inspiration, process, and challenges.

See the full interview here:

Bri Bruce is a Pushcart Prize nominee and award-winning California poet. For those of you who are not familiar with that, Pushcart Prize is an American-based honorary literary award organizationWith a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing, Ms. Bruce is the editor-in-chief of the nature-themed literary magazine Humana Obscura – an independent literary magazine that focuses on nature-themed genres. Bri is also the author of four books: The Weight of Snow, The Starling’s Song, 28 Days of Solitude, and Measures.  Bri invites our readers to reach out to her on  Instagram or visit her website @

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