NEW RELEASE: Dr. Linda R. Harper’s ‘Eat! Rediscover Your Best Natural Relationship with Food’

The Expert on the Eating Experience: Dr. Linda Harper Releases Her Latest Guide on Best Self EatingEVERGREEN PARK, ILLINOIS, August 25th – Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Linda R. Harper will release her fifth book, Eat! Rediscover Your Best Natural Relationship with Food, on August 31st, 2014 from CAP Publishing, a division of Consultants in [...]

Bri Bruce: The Pulse of Nature and of Love

Many thanks to Craig Hickman of Dark Ecologies for his interpretation and analysis of my poem “Hailstorm” in my latest collection, ‘The Weight of Snow.’

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts

TWOS_NewFrontCover_withbadgeI’ve been reading Bri Bruce’s new book of poems, The Weight of Snow: New and Selected Poems. Instead of trying to encompass the full work I chose one specific poem that for me represents the center of her canon. Her central poem which manifests the elements in miniature of her complete oeuvre. That poem is Hailstorm (see below). Angus Fletcher in his superb A New Theory of For American Poetry: Democracy, the Environment, and the Future of Imagination describes a type of poetry that suddenly wraps the reader in a new environment, one deeply influenced by the Emersonian and Whitmanian tradition in creating “environment-poems” that “aspire to surround the reader, such that to read them is to have an experience much like suddenly recognizing that one actually has an environment, instead of perceiving the surround at all” (9).1 This notion of the poem surrounding one as environment and lifting one’s senses…

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Book Publishing Services! Affordable, Reliable, Professional

Have you published or finished writing a book? Are you now wondering what to do next? Need help with publicity and marketing? I can help! Whether you need a media kit written and designed for book reviewers or publishers, or help with marketing your book to target audiences via social media, Bri Bruce Productions can help. [...]