The SPRING/SUMMER 2023 Issue of Humana Obscura OUT NOW

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Humana Obscura features work by 77 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe.

Available in print and digital formats.


Contributors include Sarah Verardo, C.X. Turner, Natalya Khorover, Vian Borchert, Phil Lemley, Luke Levi, Hugh Hughes, petro c. k., Shelly Reed Thieman, Tom Farr, Nick Olah, William Ross, Rebecca Williams, Ali Saperstein, Gaylord Brewer, John Vukmirovich, Michael Romano, Christopher Buckley, Kelly Schulze, Kristin Davis, Mary Christine Delea, Annie Holdren, Heather Kern, Adele Webster, Mel Adams, Ewa Matyja, and more. 

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