Call for Submissions of Poetry, Short Prose & Art

Call for Submissions of Poetry, Short Prose & Art

Humana Obscura is now accepting submissions of poetry, prose/short fiction, and art for its Spring/Summer 2021 issue! Submissions will remain open until end of February 2021. WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR While we are open to style, we’re looking for work that is nuanced, raw, and imagistic with strong elements of the natural world or the [...]

Letter from the Editor: Humana Obscura’s Inaugural Issue

On the release of the inaugural issue of Humana Obscura, a new bi-annual independent literary magazine, founding editor-in-chief Bri Bruce shares the origin and mission of the publication, and what she hopes it will achieve in future issues. Humana Obscura was born to capture, curate, and share the experience of others and their relationship to [...]

Poem “Tempest” Published in Canary #39, Winter 2017/18

TEMPEST Through the night the trees rocked to and from, boughs bucked and pitched against one another and I remember thinking it sounded like weeping. At first light I left the hilltop for the shadows of the canyon. The river was frenzied, filled with leaves and waves and mud. I stood for a time at [...]