“Rainsong” Winner of the PushPen Press Pendant Prize for Poetry

RAINSONG What of this winter here?The unhappy song of rain andwind in the bay laurel,rainwater in the fountaina mixing of what is oursand what is not. I go to the meadowwhen the storm has slowedto see what has changed,what unknowable thirst was quenched: the howl and fury in the nightbrought down the tall sequoia,and with [...]

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Throwback to my two poems, "The Leaving" and "Fragility," which appear in my award-winning collection The Weight of Snow, first published in The 2River View. THE LEAVING By the heavy glass doors,you kneel to gather scattered clothes,your naked silhouette a shadowagainst the violet dawn.I know this shape your body makesagainst the sky. A leaf falls [...]

Excerpt from “At Henry Cowell State Park, Early Winter”

Excerpt from “At Henry Cowell State Park, Early Winter”

I drop a glove in the puddle of rainwater,and bending to remove itsee the reflection of my mother's figure,see the levy of years--the unexpected wither of skinas if waking to seethat it has snowedovernight. c. B. L. Bruce From "At Henry Cowell State Park, Early Winter" from my award-winning collection "The Weight of Snow," first [...]

Praise for Award-Winning Poetry Collection “The Weight of Snow”

2014 International Book Awards Finalist in the Poetry Category 2014 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention, Poetry Category 2014 USA Best Book Awards “Poetry” Category Finalist Featured on the USA Book News’s 2014 USA Best Book Awards Website  PAPERBACK AVAILABLE ON AMAZON  $8.99 eBOOK AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY, iTUNES, BARNES & NOBLE, OMNILIT, AND KOBO  $2.99 *      *     [...]

Poet Laureate Gary Young Praises ‘The Weight of Snow’

The poems in The Weight of Snow are heartfelt, skillfully written, and keenly observed fragments of the natural world and our lives there. Bravo.  - Gary Young, Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County and Author of Pleasure, Braver Deeds, and No Other Life In The Weight of Snow, author B. L. Bruce explores the many plights of the [...]

Excerpt from ‘The Weight of Snow: New and Selected Poems’ from Black Swift Press

The Weight of Snow is alive with style and filled with beautiful, nostalgic imagery. Bruce's free verse poetry is rich with detail, and her evocative language will stay with you long after reading this collection. Deeply introspective and profoundly insightful, each new poem displays great thematic range and literary sensibility. I have no doubt that Bruce [...]