Poem “Dark Star” Published in Emerge Literary Journal’s Issue 16

Poem “Dark Star” Published in Emerge Literary Journal’s Issue 16

DARK STAR I had not expected, mid-life,that already my shining yearswould be behind me, tradedfor more essential things:what it meansto have patience,to wage a war,how to endure. I remember clearer now:the smooth dunes,bare shoulders,my body feeling somehowless bound, belongingto me. You came outof the sea—salt on skin.In a particular way,your face openedbeneath the midday sky.Those [...]

POETRY REVIEWERS WANTED for Forthcoming and Third Collection, “Measures,” by Award-Winning Poet B. L. Bruce

In Measures, B. L. Bruce’s third collection of poetry, the author deftly explores grief, loss, the visual measures of time, and the nature of change in her celebrated, nuanced verse. In this latest collection featuring nearly sixty new poems—including works in new formats like micropoetry and American haiku—award-winning poet B. L. Bruce again echoes the [...]

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Throwback to my two poems, "The Leaving" and "Fragility," which appear in my award-winning collection The Weight of Snow, first published in The 2River View. THE LEAVING By the heavy glass doors,you kneel to gather scattered clothes,your naked silhouette a shadowagainst the violet dawn.I know this shape your body makesagainst the sky. A leaf falls [...]

Excerpt from Award-Winning Poetry Collection, ‘The Weight of Snow’

More autumn months graced by frost,the flowering quince dies. I set outto walk the edge of the woods,think of all the pleasures in being alone. c. B. L. BruceFirst published by the Soundings Review PURCHASE COLLECTION Follow B. L. Bruce Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepoesis/Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_poesis

Poem “Tempest” Published in Canary #39, Winter 2017/18

TEMPEST Through the night the trees rocked to and from, boughs bucked and pitched against one another and I remember thinking it sounded like weeping. At first light I left the hilltop for the shadows of the canyon. The river was frenzied, filled with leaves and waves and mud. I stood for a time at [...]

POETRY REVIEWERS WANTED for “The Starling’s Song” by B. L. Bruce

FREE eBook copy of award-winning author B. L. Bruce’s The Starling's Song (Black Swift Press, 2016) in exchange for an honest review! In a similar vein as her award-winning The Weight of Snow, Bruce’s newest collection of poetry explores the themes of love, loss, and nature, both human and not. Written in its entirety during a twenty-eight day stay in [...]

Poet Laureate Gary Young Praises ‘The Weight of Snow’

The poems in The Weight of Snow are heartfelt, skillfully written, and keenly observed fragments of the natural world and our lives there. Bravo.  - Gary Young, Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County and Author of Pleasure, Braver Deeds, and No Other Life In The Weight of Snow, author B. L. Bruce explores the many plights of the [...]