“The Starling’s Song” (Poetry) COMING APRIL 1st


I’m so happy to announce that my third book and second collection of poetry will be released on April 1st! It will be available for pre-order on Amazon next week and will be available in print on Amazon and in ebook at all major ebook retailers.

Here’s the book’s description and a sneak preview:

In a similar vein as her award-winning The Weight of Snow, Bruce’s newest collection of poetry explores the themes of love, loss, and nature, both human and not.

Written in its entirety during a twenty-eight day stay in a remote cabin in the forests of Northern California, B. L. Bruce’s chapbook, The Starling’s Song, affirms and renews the author’s proclaimed lyricism in thirty-five new poems.

• • • • •


There are not mornings as these
when I don’t think of you,
the urge to jump you say you feel
at high places.

There are times I forget who I am,
ford the shallow creek
to visit the yew tree along the bank,
remember again the patterns
like years among the branches,
how slight my one life.

Crows caw from the top of the ridge.
I hear the air move
beneath their thick wings
when they drift over me,
think it an omen, a curse.
I know the pull is deepest
the nearer you come.
I know my demons well.

Featured in B. L. Bruce’s forthcoming chapbook “The Starling’s Song” (Black Swift Press) coming April 1st, 2016.

• • • • •


B. L. BRUCE is a graphic designer and publisher from Santa Cruz, California. She holds a bachelor’s degree in post-modern literature and creative writing from UC Santa Cruz. Her work has appeared in dozens of anthologies, magazines, and literary publications, including The Sun Magazine, Common Ground Review, and the Monterey Poetry Review. Recently the recipient of the 2014 PushPen Press Pendant Prize for Poetry, Bruce is the author of the 2014 International Book Awards Finalist and the 2014 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in the poetry category for The Weight of Snow. The Starling’s Song is her third book.


• • • • •

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