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🔷 AUTHOR: B. L. Bruce

My Review:
Measures is the latest poetry collection book written by an award winning author of The Weight of Snow and The Starling’s Song.

In this book, many poems are micropoetry and I loved them. Within just few words, author has expressed deepest emotions.

I watch you dream,
and outside it
begins to snow.

I loved the poem Winter that reminded me of Snow, dreams. With the poem Submission, I think author has expressed heart of many people. White Lillies is a gem in this anthology.

If you love to read poetry then go ahead with this collection. I enjoyed this book with a cup of coffee while sitting in my front porch. Language of the book is lucid. Even if you are not an avid poetry reader, you could follow the poems.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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B. L. Bruce

My Review:
Measures is the first book that I have read written by the author B. L. Bruce. It is a poetry collection of 58 poems. Some are micropoetry and some are even written in the Haiku format. All the poems follow a similar alignment.

October sky
marigold, tangerine.

Autumn poems took me down few months back and reminded me of this beautiful season and of cold morning air. Some poems explores the relationship expectations like to be loved by someone deeply.

Poetry lovers could relate to many poems from the collection. Some poems even made me emotional while reading. Cover of the book is captivating. I finished this collection in three sittings. If you want to be lost in the lyrical world, then this poetry book is a perfect escape from monotonous life.

My Rating: 5/5

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Review of ‘Measures’ from Clarion Reviews

Review of ‘Measures’ from Clarion Reviews

The poems of Measures embrace lyrical tendencies as they move through the seasons of a troubled relationship. Both absence and presence haunt the pages of b. l. bruce’s poetry collection, Measures. A one time lover and longed for friend adventures to the water, leaving their companion alone on the shore. Wrinkles appear as if grooved overnight, and the [...]

‘White Lilies’ from New Collection MEASURES

‘White Lilies’ from New Collection MEASURES

WHITE LILIES Love me, I ask of you.Press your mouth to mine,I want to say.The contours of our limbsare restless. We throw ourselves from the houseat sundown, wander down the hill,pass the milk-white folds of the liliesyawning and rising along the fence.I brush my body against theirs. At once, the murmur of rainsoundlike a stone [...]

Book Trailer for B. L. Bruce’s New Poetry Collection ‘Measures’ "As its poems tread through forests, over mountains, and along the water . . . Measures captivates." -- Clarion Reviews "[B. L. Bruce's] newest poetry collection, Measures, by turns elicits tenderness and melancholy, hopefulness and heartbreak--which is to say, the gamut of the human condition. . . . Bruce's collection offers many accomplished and memorable moments." -- BlueInk Review [...]

Review of ‘Measures’ by B. L. Bruce from The Prairies Book Review

Luminous and piercing… Lyrical and reflective, award-winning Bruce’s latest, a collection of poems, micropoetry, and American haiku, offers a litany of ruminations on nature, love, and self. “Full Moon at Albion River” is a meditation on the wonders of nature. With her knack for creating intricate emotional textures, Bruce infuses mourning and grief with tangible [...]

NEW RELEASE: Measures by B. L. Bruce (Poetry)

NEW RELEASE: Measures by B. L. Bruce (Poetry)

In February of 2014, my debut collection of poetry, The Weight of Snow, was published. Now, seven years later, my latest collection, Measures, is here. Now available on Amazon in print and eBook format. In Measures, B. L. Bruce’s third collection of poetry, the author deftly explores grief, loss, the visual measures of time, and [...]

“Cachagua Road” Published in Feral’s “Love” Issue

“Cachagua Road” Published in Feral’s “Love” Issue

Cachagua Road From the low bridge over the river you spoke,blue lupines rising silently beneath the oaks,weighed with the damp of evening.Your words were carried away downstream,lost to me. I felt a sadness,heavy as stones.I listen—bending of waterover rocks, wind in the armsof the trees. I’ve learned the voicesof the robin, the towhee,thrasher—useless except forthe [...]

“Rainsong” Winner of the PushPen Press Pendant Prize for Poetry

RAINSONG What of this winter here?The unhappy song of rain andwind in the bay laurel,rainwater in the fountaina mixing of what is oursand what is not. I go to the meadowwhen the storm has slowedto see what has changed,what unknowable thirst was quenched: the howl and fury in the nightbrought down the tall sequoia,and with [...]




Heavy blooms expose
their fleshy bodies
in such enterprise
among the dunes—
as mine to yours.

Such immeasurable delight:
the pale lips of the iris
curling to the listless sky.

In its assault on the shore,
the throbbing surf
folds again and again.

Somewhere through the mist
a gull is flying low,
calling out.

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Award-winning author and Pushcart Prize nominee, California poet Bri Bruce (writing as B. L. Bruce) has been called the “heiress of Mary Oliver.” With a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing from the University of California at Santa Cruz, her work has appeared in dozens of anthologies, magazines, and literary publications, including The Wayfarer Journal, Canary, Northwind Magazine, The Soundings Review, and The Monterey Poetry Review, among many others. Most recently her work has appeared in the American Haiku Society’s Frogpond Journal, The Remnant Archive, Emerge Literary Journal, and Le Merle Poetry…

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