WATCH “The Devil’s Road: A Baja Adventure”

In 2016, my family had a crazy idea to make a movie about an obscure relative we had who explored Baja California as a naturalist in the early 1900s.

More than five years later, after tons of research, multiple expeditions (the main expedition lasting 5,280 miles), capturing 36 hours of film and spending countless more editing, and the effort to get it seen in the midst of a global pandemic…the film is now available to watch.

This nature-adventure film was a labor of love for my family and I, and it will be a lasting document not only about our own family history, our love for Baja, and the time we spent exploring and learning about this amazing place, but also about larger global issues and an homage to those who put themselves at great personal risk to bring us knowledge of the natural world that science still benefits from today. Plus, it’s also a badass rock-and-roll motorcycle adventure!

I hope that you enjoy this film. I hope that you share it far and wide. And maybe we can use our love for places like Baja California to start thinking about how we can make real change in the world, especially at a time like this.

Watch the film at

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