WATCH “The Devil’s Road: A Baja Adventure”

In 2016, my family had a crazy idea to make a movie about an obscure relative we had who explored Baja California as a naturalist in the early 1900s. More than five years later, after tons of research, multiple expeditions (the main expedition lasting 5,280 miles), capturing 36 hours of film and spending countless more [...]

Nature/Adventure Documentary “The Devil’s Road: A Baja Adventure” to Stream at the Virtual Big Bear Film Festival

Nature/Adventure Documentary “The Devil’s Road: A Baja Adventure” to Stream at the Virtual Big Bear Film Festival

The nature/adventure documentary I helped create and produce, The Devil's Road, will be streaming for a limited time at the virtual Big Bear Film Festival from June 12 - July 12 as an Official Selection. Passes are now on sale. If you enjoy the film and would like to support it, please consider voting for it [...]



The film production company I work for as an associate producer, Broken Wagon Films, LLC, founded in Santa Cruz, California, is currently working on its debut feature-length historical/conservation/adventure documentary about Baja, California, Mexico, called "The Devil's Road." We highly encourage you to check out our site at We've completed a number of shorts as [...]

“The Devil’s Road: A Baja Documentary,” Main Expedition, Day 39

“The Devil’s Road: A Baja Documentary,” Main Expedition, Day 39

Excerpt from The Devil's Road Main Expedition, Day 31 There is an acute and undeniable buzz in me--a palpable, electric thrumming. I'm keeping pace of it, all too aware of the nerves, an excitement I feel coursing through me right down to the tips of my fingers. And I know why. Though it's only been [...]

“The Devil’s Road” Expedition (DAY 7) Guest Blog: Chief Pilot Scott A. Bruce

For months I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. Lauri and I were planning to fly my single-engine plane over 2,000 miles across the country in late winter; attempt to cross the border into Mexico without getting my plane confiscated and the two of us thrown into Mexican prison; rendezvous with my brother [...]

Talking Baja and Blue Mind with Dr. Wallace J Nichols

Today, the Broken Wagon Films crew had the incredible honor of meeting, speaking with, and interviewing inspiring environmentalist, scientist, and author Dr. Wallace 'J' Nichols. We had the opportunity to talk in length about Baja, his work and experiences there and how it pertains to The Devil's Road, his Blue Mind movement, and the ways [...]

Sneak Peek Screening: “The Devil’s Road: A Baja Documentary” by Hidden Gems Film Club

SPECIAL "SNEAK PEEK" RECEPTION with the filmmakers of "The Devil's Road: A Baja Documentary” (In Production) Saturday, February 25th | Aptos Branch Library SCHEDULE: 4:30PM - Doors Open 5:00 PM - Screening 6-6:30PM - Q&A Session with the Filmmakers! 6:30-7PM - Reception with Light Refreshments Please join the Santa Cruz Public Libraries’ Hidden Gems Film Club for a [...]

“The Devil’s Road” Episode 1: Isla Raza

"The Devil's Road" Episode 1: Isla Raza Isla Raza is a tiny island in the Gulf of California that serves as the sole breeding ground for several important bird species. Despite being protected by the Mexican government as a wildlife sanctuary in 1964, this unique island is currently threatened by climate change and human activity. [...]

Broken Wagon Films presents “The Devil’s Road”

The Devil's Road: A Baja Documentary In 1905, two American naturalists set out on horseback across the remote deserts of Baja California, Mexico. Their expedition was the first of its kind to span the entire peninsula and complete a comprehensive survey of Baja's flora and fauna. Zig-zagging from coast to coast across the desolate interior, [...]