Humana Obscura will be accepting submissions of nature/environment-themed poetry, prose, and art for its Fall/Winter 2021 issue until July 31st!

While we are open to style, we’re looking for work that is nuanced, honest, raw, and imagistic with strong elements of the natural world or the human-nature relationship.

We are an independent, bi-annual online literary magazine that seeks to publish new and emerging writers and artists. As our name suggests, we focus on work where the human element is obscured but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the genre of nature-centric creative work in today’s modern world while providing a platform for new voices.

We prefer free-verse poetry and prose that is accessible to readers, is straightforward, and avoids fancy language and doesn’t try too hard to be clever, to rhyme, or to be confined by syllabic or structural constraints—unless haiku, micro poetry or similar.

When it comes to art, we like the subtle, the experimental and abstract—think out-of-focus photography and impressionistic smears of colors on a canvas. But be sure to keep in mind our magazine’s theme.

For complete submission guidelines and to read past issues, visit

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