“Nine Passes” Receiving Rave Reviews

Bruce combines a solid mastery of fly fishing, backpacking and love for his family and the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains to produce a book of true importance. . . . This solidly crafted book is highly recommended to fly fishermen and anyone who has gazed at a distant peak with wonder and curiosity. – Allen Rizzi, Author of The Blackest of Canyons

Mr Bruce weaves an engaging account of his journey to walk in the steps of a famous fly fisherman as well as routes taken by four generations of his family. . . . The author balances technical fishing information, descriptions of mountain beauty and wry observations on backpacking culture in way that will interest anyone.– Susan Gilchrist, Artist

Todd recounts his solo 300-mile hike through the Sierra high country while reminiscing his childhood memories of family backpacking/fishing expeditions to some of the same locations. . . . Its a fairly brisk-reading travelogue that’s unlike any “fishing guides” or novels done in a fly-fishing setting. For readers its a vicarious adventure or stimulus to get out and do it.– Ford Kanzler, Writer for Santa Cruz Waves

Nine Passes, author and outdoorsman Todd Bruce’s deeply personal account of his 300-mile backpacking expedition through the Sierra Nevada, is informed by the author’s vivid sense of history and enduring love of the land. Retracing the route of Charles McDermand, well-known outdoorsman and writer whose landmark 1946 travelogue The Waters of the Golden Trout Country sparked a national interest in the region, Bruce draws upon his fly fishing expertise and his keen familiarity with the land to illuminate the subtleties of the Sierra Nevada’s flora, fauna, and topography.

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Bruce’s five-week trek took him along McDermand’s seventy-year-old route, where he hiked the back country, fished the lakes and streams, and climbed the high mountain passes of trailblazers past—one of whom was Bruce’s great grandfather, George R. Goldman.

The trout waters he explores are those of McDermand, of George Goldman, and of Bruce’s kin: Bruce’s mother, father, and siblings, as well as his own young self, who fished those same glinting pools in the previous decades. Nine Passes is a collation of more than six decades of change in the Sierra fisheries, the story of a family, their bonds, and their memories, the techniques and practices of the fly fishing artistry, and the shifting human attitudes that have sculpted these granite-laden mountains.


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Award-Winning Poetry Collection “The Weight of Snow” Now Available in Hardcover





“There is nothing to say that would be as lyrical and eloquent as this poet’s language. She writes as a daughter of California’s wild places. Words lift the edge of ordinary and invite the reader to journey through vivid and vulnerable landscapes. Bri Bruce’s explorations do not shy away from a world where snow can sometimes be ash, or love can be cloaked in loss. Make space, Gary Snyder, Jane Hirshfield, and Ellen Bass, there is a new poet climbing and swimming her way up to claim her place among you.” ―Karen K Lewis, Author and Executive Director of Mendocino Coast Writer’s Conference

“The poems in The Weight of Snow are heartfelt, skillfully written, and keenly observed fragments of the natural world and our lives there. Bravo.” ―Gary Young, Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County, Award- Winning Author of No Other Life, Braver Deeds, and Pleasure

In the award-winning book The Weight of Snow, author B. L. Bruce explores the many plights of the human species, from the mysteries of the heart and the inescapability of death, to the depths of human emotion. Told from the perspective of a poetic naturalist, Bruce shares her appreciation of the wild, illuminating the profound in the mundane while chronicling the natural world as both an observer and as an irrefutable part of it. Her poems focus strongly on image and locality, conjuring the imaginations of readers and celebrating the beauty in the follies of the human condition and its capacity to grip the soul.

BOOK REVIEWERS WANTED for j. d. may’s “The Sun Born Over” (Women’s Fiction)

FREE advanced copy of j. d. may’s The Sun Born Over (Von Reuth Publishing, culver & venice, November 15, 2015) in exchange for an honest review!


DESCRIPTION: All her life, Chicago-born Vay Jones wished for nothing more than to live in Three Oaks, a charming West Country homestead turned artist commune where she spent all her summers. Three Oaks is also the childhood home of Alan Mackenzie, one of Vay’s closest friends.

What started as “just friends” ended up being far more in their teens, until one fateful afternoon separated Alan and Vay completely. Haunted by their summers together ever after, both try their best to move on. Over the years, their paths cross repeatedly, inevitably disrupting their attempts to build adult lives independent from their past. An unexpected encounter finally forces them to reconsider what they know and remember about Three Oaks and each other.

How do Vay, an urban romantic brimming with genuine interest and optimism, and Alan, sarcastic and inscrutable, keep themselves from a past that is often far too present? Is there really such a thing as a love that lasts, possibly forever?

A beautiful novel of how innocence turns into experience, The Sun Born Over is a tale of love and loss that warms and breaks the heart. A truly unputdownable, wonderful read.

AUTHOR BIO: j. d. may grew up on three different continents and has a degree in English Literature, which, she is happy to say, made her love reading and writing even more. When she isn’t traveling the world, j. d. works in higher education, where she has great discussions about books, life, and coffee. In her free time, j. d. loves to go for long walks, browse in bookshops, and find hidden cafés. The Sun Born Over is j. d. may’s debut novel.


bribruceproductions (at) gmail (dot) com

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Review of “The Weight of Snow” by Novel Idea Reviews

Rating: ★★★★★
B.L. Bruce’s use of words is absolutely beautiful in The Weight of Snow: New & Selected Poems. Each poem allows you to easily picture the beauty of nature as observed by the author. The collection of poems in this book are very unique and showcase the power of winter on the natural world and how it can also affect the mind and body of all who observe  and experience it.
The Weight of Snow is certainly a different read for me, but it shares many similarities with the typical dystopian theme I typically read. Winter is seen by many as the season where all things die and prepare for re-birth in the coming Spring, something that is common in many dystopian novels. I believe this theme is clearly displayed in the poems in this book.
It is a fantastic read and one that can be enjoyed time and time again!
– Review by Novel Idea Reviews


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