Nine Passes, Todd Bruce’s deeply personal account of his 300-mile backpacking expedition through the Sierra Nevada, is informed by the author’s vivid sense of history and enduring love of the land. Retracing the route of Charles McDermand, an outdoorsman and writer whose landmark 1946 travelogue The Waters of the Golden Trout Country sparked a national interest in the region, Bruce draws upon his fly fishing expertise and his keen familiarity with the land to illuminate the subtleties of the Sierra Nevada’s flora, fauna, and topography.

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Bruce’s five-week trek took him along McDermand’s seventy-year-old route, where he hiked the back country, fished the lakes and streams, and climbed the high mountain passes of trailblazers past—one of whom was Bruce’s great grandfather, George R. Goldman.

The trout waters he explores are those of McDermand, of George Goldman, and of Bruce’s kin: Bruce’s mother, father, and siblings, as well as his own young self, who fished those same glinting pools in the previous decades. Nine Passes is a collation of more than six decades of change in the Sierra fisheries, the story of a family, their bonds, and their memories, the techniques and practices of the fly fishing artistry, and the shifting human attitudes that have sculpted these granite-laden mountains.

Todd Bruce combines a solid mastery of fly fishing, backpacking and love for his family and the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains to produce a book of true importance. . . . This solidly crafted book is highly recommended to fly fishermen and anyone who has gazed at a distant peak with wonder and curiosity. – Allen Rizzi, Author of The Blackest of Canyons

Mr Bruce weaves an engaging account of his journey to walk in the steps of a famous fly fisherman as well as routes taken by four generations of his family. . . . The author balances technical fishing information, descriptions of mountain beauty and wry observations on backpacking culture in way that will interest anyone.– Susan Gilchrist, Artist

Todd recounts his solo 300-mile hike through the Sierra high country while reminiscing his childhood memories of family backpacking/fishing expeditions to some of the same locations. . . . Its a fairly brisk-reading travelogue that’s unlike any “fishing guides” or novels done in a fly-fishing setting. For readers its a vicarious adventure or stimulus to get out and do it.– Ford Kanzler, Writer for Santa Cruz Waves

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ALBUM RELEASE: JT Bruce’s “Vandal of Fortune”

Vandal of Fortune Cover
     JUNE 1st, 2015: After a 7-year hiatus, American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter JT Bruce returns to classic heavy metal and prog rock foundations with the release of his 4th album – VANDAL OF FORTUNE.
     Whereas his previous release UNIVERSICA was an ethereal, synth-driven journey through the stars, VANDAL throws keyboards out the window in favor of a staight-ahead progressive metal experience. It’s louder and faster, but never loses its trademark melodic roots.
     An absence of vocals allows the music to throw off the chains of rigid verse/chorus structures and embrace a true progressive sensibility. From subtle jazz-like passages in “Under Sodium Bulb” to traces of thrash metal in “Stress Fracture” to the classic rock and funk inspired 11-minute epic “The Second Decade,” there is always something new happening in VANDAL OF FORTUNE. The result is a unique and cohesive full-album experience that has been neglected in the days of endless remixes and digital singles.
     VANDAL features the work of 6 guest musicians, hailing from metal outfits SoulCycle, Second Rate Angels, and Ruined Machines. Guests from the film soundtrack and jazz worlds further increases the album’s range.

     Since his first album in 2004, Bruce has lead the vanguard of the free music revolution, employing Creative Commons licenses from the beginning. In this tradition, VANDAL is available for everyone to share, stream, and download, for free, in its entirety, forever.

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MooseTracks_CoverA woman discovers her rich relationships in this exquisite exploration into themes of time and connections, love and loss. . . .

Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven tells the story of protagonist Elena Elizabeth Wright Maguire, who reexamines her life and relationships after she is involved in a minor car accident.

M. Reed McCall skillfully transitions between different periods with segues that invite further exploration into memories triggered by a comment made in the present. For example, when Pa says he can hardly wait to put Christmas decorations around the house, the narrative flashes back thirty-two years to the Christmas Eve when Elena was almost seven years old. This movement in the narrative not only serves to keep the story flowing but also creates an intriguing and natural flow in the stream of connections that Elena makes as she unravels the journey she has made in her life.

McCall captures the unique voices of different personalities and their relationships with one another with evocative and heartfelt precision. This creates a vivid image, not only about Elena, but also about the people around her and the place she lives. This is clear in Pa’s letters to Elena, which offer wisdom, and in radio disc jockey Willard T. Bogg’s announcements on WGRR FM 103.9 about the events in Moose Junction. Elena’s transformation to a mature woman is contrasted with her past idealistic and youthful eighteen-year-old voice in a diary entry about her love, Jesse: “I can’t wait to give Jesse the card and giant Hershey’s chocolate bar I bought for him I’m SO in love!!!”

While the narrative itself is deeply moving, the black-and-white photographs scattered throughout further contribute to the story’s heartrending quality by lending a unique sense of reality to the story and giving it the feel of a personal history unfolding, adding to the book’s allure and effectiveness.

Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven forges a path straight to the heart.

Foreword Magazine Reviews, Summer Quarterly Issue
Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann
April 29, 2015 

Foreword Rating

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FREE advanced copy of Richard Rensberry’s The Wolf Pack Moon: Poems (Quick Turtle Books, 2015) in exchange for an honest review!


The lion’s share of the poems contained in this book was written under the influence of the wolf pack moon during the months of January and February of 2015. This is the name of the winter moon as given by the Algonquin Indians that hunted and gathered the Great Lakes State of Michigan where the author spent his youth. The hard northern winters are a battle between optimism and pessimism and these poems are a reflection of that struggle. These are verses of the lands within and the lands without as written beneath the glow of the wolf pack moon.

RICHARD RENSBERRY grew up on a small farm in Northern Michigan accumulating spiritual riches only the heart of nature can distill. These riches weave themselves in and out of his poetry like the rhyme and rhythm of his words. He has the blood of a wolf and the heart of a gypsy. He is married to fellow author and muse, Mary Rensberry. They are the co-authors of the book Its Black and White/A Turtle Quest for the Ages. Together, they founded QuickTurtle Books® in 2013.

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Bri Bruce … naturally!

Originally posted on Routine Matters:


I’m writing the draft for this post while sitting in an old Corfiot olive grove close by to where I live. It is a glorious place which always fills me with joy and wonder.


I have with me a beautiful collection of poems I’m currently reading called The Weight of Snow by the award-winning poet Bri Bruce. I have to say that the quality and depth of her work has left me spellbound.


Bri Bruce


Bri Bruce’s home is in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. She has lived in and around this area for most of her life and her work indeed reflects this amazing natural backdrop.


My regular readers will no doubt be well aware that my remit in these posts is to talk about the writing rituals & routines of the individuals I feature. I tend to shy away from discussing any…

View original 697 more words


FREE copy of author and social visionary ABCrane’s Project Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy (Gungho Publishing, 2015) in exchange for an honest review.


Crime, epidemics, pollution, political corruption, violence, ignorance, and catastrophic environmental disasters threaten our species’ survival at a rapidly accelerating pace. Today more than ever, it is critical that international communities foster the growth of environmentally sustainable—and life-sustaining—social paradigms and technological innovations.

Yet “green” is simply not enough! While sustainable products and services are certainly critical to the survival of our people and the natural environment, they alone do not end wars, fight poverty, solve for unemployment, curb crime, or serve as magic bullets for any of our global epidemics.

Beyond providing green products or services, Project Integrity International strategically launches an international franchise of educational, spiritual, social, and eco/entrepreneurial opportunities that absorb people away from the destructive military-industrial establishments that dominate human societies across the globe. PII proposes a comprehensive solution to so many problems facing humankind in the twenty-first century while saturating her seven billion strong with a tidal wave of economic opportunities.

* * *

ABCRANE is a social visionary who enjoys walking the tight rope between fantasy and reality, between the mundane and the surreal, and between truth and illusion. From early childhood, she has been one to question answers and answer questions. A Bachelor’s degree in Sociology helped Crane to better analyze the problems of the world while a double major in Creative Writing coached her how to imagine, innovate, invent—and write!—about solutions to those problems. Her  continued  self-education includes areas such as holistic nutrition, green business, progressive education, and social activism, as well as her successful completion of a course in business offered by a wonderful non-profit organization, Women’s Initiative. Residing in Sunnyvale, CA, Crane is preparing to launch an innovative internet cafe that will provide teens with an exciting real world after-school alternative and public meeting place to call their own.  Also in production, is her exciting musical stage play, Kangaroo Fu: The Little Red Poem.

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