Featured in this month’s ‘Local Artist Spotlight’!

It’s not every day you’re flipping through the local newspaper and come across a feature on yourself! I was happy to find that a poem of mine was published in this month’s issue of Los Gatos This Week. I was less happy to have my face plastered onto the page as well, but, hey.

They’ve published a poem titled “Eggs for Dumplings” from my debut poetry collection, The Weight of Snow (Black Swift Press, 2014). The full collection is available in both print and e-format from Amazon and all other major eBook retailers.



In the dark kitchen, you crack
eggs for dumplings, drunk with
the ebbing heat of summer
and berry wine. As I look on,
I can see you there in dim light
falling to pieces.

We walk into the garden,
watch throngs of honeybees
nose up to the lavender and sip.
The dog’s body now buried
in the hot earth, the sorrows
of your heart knowing the sighs
of the doves. In the trees, the jays
greet the dusk, blue as bruises.

We stand barefoot
beside the crooked oak
and throw pebbles into the twilight sky.
Heads thrown back, we watch bats
dive in their silent pursuit, unknowing.

- Excerpt from The Weight of Snow (Black Swift Press, 2014) by B. L. Bruce




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Transform Your Relationship with Eating with Dr. Linda Harper’s Latest Book


The Expert on the Eating Experience: Dr. Linda Harper Releases Her Latest Guide on Best Self Eating

EVERGREEN PARK, ILLINOIS, August 25th – Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Linda R. Harper will release her fifth book, Eat! Rediscover Your Best Natural Relationship with Food, on August 31st, 2014 from CAP Publishing, a division of Consultants in Applied Psychology and H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper.

Linda R. Harper has been a clinical psychologist for over thirty years in the Chicago area. During that time, she has witnessed a number of her clients’ struggles with dieting. Although Dr. Harper enlightens readers who may have a troubled history with eating, she is not simply providing a guide to help individuals diet. She is advocating the move away from dieting, or socially accepted deprivation as she refers to it, and instead encourages restricted eaters to listen to their inner wisdom when it comes down to deciding what to eat. As her book’s tagline aptly states, “If you are looking for a best-selling diet book, this is NOT it.”

Eat! will follow in the wake of the success of Dr. Harper’s previous titles on individuals’ relationships with food and eating, including her 1998 title The Tao of Eating, published by Innisfree Press. Already, Dr. Harper’s five-step guide has been met with a great deal of positive feedback from individuals who have spent their lives struggling with dieting and with their own eating behaviors and habits.

Known for his research on anorexia nervosa and self-injury, psychotherapist and author of eight books Steven Levenkron, says the following of Dr. Harper’s latest title: “A wonderful perspective on eating! Takes the conflict out of one of the most conflict-ridden subjects.” He highly encourages others to read her book. Thomas Moore, psycotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of fifteen books, authors an illuminating foreword, affirming Dr. Harper’s book is “full of wisdom.”

Dr. Harper presents a new way of looking at the eating experience by giving others the tools they need for practicing self-care, beginning with their body and the way they see food. Eat! is designed to enhance life’s authentic journey by listening to the wisdom within you when deciding what and when to eat, the way we were meant to engage in our eating experiences.

Dr. Harper is available for interviews, appearances, conferences, workshops, and individual consults. Please contact her directly at lharper6@aol.com or visit www.harperhelper.com.

CONTACT: CAP Publishing, A Division of H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper
Ph: (708) 227-5330
Website: www.harperhelper.com

BOOK PROMO: B. K. Jones’ ‘Indian Paintbrush’


The past never stays the past. . . .

Keith Hale returns to his small West Texas hometown when his best friend from school, Andy, is murdered. Keith and his wife, Karen, decide to stay a few days after Andy’s funeral to support Andy’s widow, Laney. The three of them soon realize that Andy’s murder may not have been random. It becomes apparent that it’s only the beginning.

Laney has been carrying a secret for two decades that not even her late husband knew about. Eventually, they will all have to fight for their lives. Through it all, Keith and Karen learn that the life they have worked so hard to create may not really be what they want.

 B. K. JONES was born and raised in Big Spring, Texas. This first novel has been a long-time dream of his. He finally reached a point in his life where he could devote the time needed to realize that dream. With the support of his wife, Sharon, he spends his time traveling the country in search of new inspiration for his writing while she finds unique scenes for her fine art photography. Sharon contributed the cover photo for this novel. If you like what you read in these pages, please stay on the look out for other B. K. Jones titles.


This first-time author had me hooked by the end of the first chapter. By the end of the fourth chapter, I couldn’t put the book down; plenty of drama and suspense throughout with just a touch of romance. I’ll be looking for more titles by this author.

A wonderfully written story and a must read this summer. A great book for a Sunday afternoon under the trees of Texas.

Really enjoyed the fast pace and interesting characters. It’s hard to put down. . . . Hope the author will continue with more.

 Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon
and the CreateSpace Marketplace! 

$13.99 Paperback / $3.99 eBook
Genre: Thriller/Action/Suspense
322 pages / Publication date: Mar. 22, 2013

* * *

Poet Bri Bruce Named ‘The Worthy Heiress of Mary Oliver’ for Collection ‘The Weight of Snow’

2014 International Book Awards Finalist for Poetry
2014 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention for Poetry
Featured on the USA Book News’s 2014 USA Best Book Awards Website


In The Weight of Snow, author B. L. Bruce explores the many plights of the human species, from the mysteries of the heart and the inescapability of death, to the depths of human emotion. Told from the perspective of a poetic naturalist, Bruce shares her appreciation of the wild, illuminating the profound in the mundane while chronicling the natural world as both an observer and as an irrefutable part of it. Her poems focus strongly on image and locality, conjuring the imaginations of readers and celebrating the beauty in the follies of the human condition and its capacity to grip the soul.


The poems in The Weight of Snow are heartfelt, skillfully written, and keenly observed fragments of the natural world and our lives there. Bravo.

- Gary Young, Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County, Award-Winning Author of No Other Life, Braver Deeds, and Pleasure

[Bruce] is the worthy heiress of Mary Oliver.

- John Gilchrist, Poet

Alive with style and filled with beautiful, nostalgic imagery. Bruce’s free verse poetry is rich with detail, and her evocative language will stay with you long after reading this collection. Deeply introspective and profoundly insightful, each new poem displays great thematic range and literary sensibility. I have no doubt that Bruce will be a strong and important voice for modern poetry.

- J. Rodriguez, Artist and Film Producer

By her descriptive portrayal of the natural world, Bruce would make Mother Nature herself blush with pride. One can expect to find deep meaning and a sense of soulfulness in her poetic language. The poems reflect a passion and desire to know and grasp life with reverence. They stand as testimony to the necessary guardianship that we all must be responsible for in preserving our world and knowing our place in it. - D. J. White, Wildlife Biologist



* * *