Journey Down The Devil’s Road (Broken Wagon Films)


In 1905, two American naturalists set out on horseback across the remote deserts of Baja FullSizeRenderCalifornia, Mexico. Their 2,000-mile expedition was the first of its kind to span the entire peninsula and complete a comprehensive survey of Baja’s flora and fauna. Zig-zagging from coast to coast across the desolate interior, Edward William Nelson and Edward Alphonso Goldman described plants and animals unknown to science.

One hundred years later, Goldman’s descendents return to Baja to retrace the steps of this landmark expedition on motorcycles, and document the changing nature of this strange and beautiful landscape.

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2 thoughts on “Journey Down The Devil’s Road (Broken Wagon Films)

    1. Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. You can read why on our site, but here’s the short of it: this teaser is the culmination of our preliminary expedition through Baja’s interior and some of it’s outlaying islands as a recon. The motorcycle expedition is taking place in March of 2017. We hope you’ll follow our journey and stay tuned for those motorcycles 😉

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