Letter from the Associate Producer


Dear family, friends, and fellow creatives:

I’m writing today to tell you all about my newest venture, and to gain your support.

For the last year I have been involved in an incredible project: producing a feature-length documentary film about Baja called “The Devil’s Road” as associate producer and marketing manager for Broken Wagon Films, LLC.

For those of you who know me well, Baja is near and dear to my heart. This is for many reasons but for the sake of brevity, I won’t name them all. I’ve been traveling to Baja since I was only a year old and seen many changes over the decades–some good, some heartbreaking. However, my roots in this place go much deeper than the dozens of visits throughout my life. My great, great-granduncle, Edward A. Goldman, was one of Baja’s foremost naturalists. He and colleague Edward W. Nelson, under the employ of the US Biological Survey and later the Smithsonian Institution, spent a year in Baja (and a total of 14 in Mexico) making some of the most significant contributions to science of any other researchers to this date. A number of plants and animal species are named after him, most previously unknown to science.

This film is multi-faceted: it’s part historical documentary, part adventure film aimed to entertain viewers, and at it’s core it is a call to preserve one of the world’s lesser known, beautifully unique, and biologically significant regions.

Our preliminary expedition is complete. Our producer (father and extreme adventurer Todd), director (brother and filmmaker extraordinaire JT), and scientific director (naturalist and biology professor Greg Meyer) spent weeks exploring and documenting four islands (off both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific coasts) that Nelson and Goldman visited in 1905 and 1906. We were all fascinated by the changes that have occurred in the last 110-plus years.

The team also spent some time at the Smithsonian Institution sifting through and scanning most of the photographs, documents, and other treasures found in the archives that belonged to Nelson and Goldman. This is an important historical aspect of the film, as Nelson and Goldman had close ties to president Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and other historical and scientific figures.

Today is a big day. It marks the launch of our Indiegogo campaign aiming to garner the support of viewers pre-production. Our main expedition will take place in March of 2017, but we can’t do it without your help.

I urge you all to take a look at the backstory behind this film at www.brokenwagonfilms.com.

Please visit our campaign page, and follow our journey on Instagram (@brokenwagonfilms), Twitter (@brokenwagonflms), and on Facebook to be a part of this adventure. Feel free to share with friends and others who may be interested in the film’s purpose and message.

Sincerest thanks,

Bri Bruce
(& the BWF Crew)
Associate Producer | Marketing Manager


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