ADVENTURE INWARD: Insightful Personal Reflections on the Nature of Risk with Author and Mountain Climber Jonathan Wunrow

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA, March 25th, 2014—Author, climber, and extreme adventurer Jonathan Wunrow will release his second book, Adventure Inward: A Risk Taker’s Book of Quotes, on April 1, 2014 in the wake of his 2012 success, High Points: A Climber’s Guide to Central America, with Life is Twisted Press.


After the author climbed the “Seven Summits” of Central America as part of a larger goal of being the first to climb the highest peaks in every country of the Americas, of which High Points was the result, Wunrow set out to compile a collection of quotes from some of the greatest adventurers, writers, musicians, sportsmen and sportswomen, and more for an exclusive look into the essence of taking risks and the human desire to adventure.

Each of Adventure Inward’s fifteen chapters focus on how, for Wunrow and other adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts,climbing and risk taking are metaphors for life itself. Over the author’s more than thirty years of adventures and expeditions around the world, he has seen and experienced a growing number of parallels between risk taking in the mountains, and the adventures of living, loving, parenting, finding one’s path in life, and being open to the possible. For the last three years, Wunrow has sifted through thousands of quotes and inspirational words that he has been collecting since his adolescence. The quotes that he selected for Adventure Inward give inspiration and a sense of timelessness to the personal reflections in each chapter. The title, Adventure Inward, encourages risk takers and adventurers of all types to think more deeply about why they choose to do what they do, and the rewards and prices that inevitably come along.

California author and publisher Bri Bruce calls Wunrow’s latest work an “excellent compilation of inspiring, humorous, and thought-provoking quotes sure to get anyone . . . thinking deeply about their world and what it means for us, as humans, to look inside ourselves. Each chapter is adorned with Wunrow’s clear voice and unfailing insight into the human psyche in the presence of ‘risk’. . . . From start to finish, Wunrow has done a wonderful job writing and compiling this book.”

The climber, who boasts an impressive list of the summits he has reached, including Denali, Kilimanjaro, and Canada’s Mt. Logan that stands just over nineteen thousand feet in elevation, has used his personal experiences as an avid mountain climber to explore the nature of why extreme sports enthusiasts do what they do. He also looks at the different interpretations of risk, and how our risks can effect those closest to us. In an unparalleled effort to explain the why of our risk taking, Wunrow’s insights, humor, and heartfelt curiosity, not to mention the grace with which he offers them to readers, comprises a collection of quotes that is both inspiring and eye opening.

The book is available in both print format and eformat from Amazon and all other major eBook retailers.


JONATHAN WUNROW is available to interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, appearances, interviews, and/or book signings, please contact

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