“Crossing the Meadow” Published in phren-Z Magazine, Winter 2012


        May dawn coming—
a thin rain falls. I tread a path
in low marsh grass,
        unsteady in a gust,
wondering if you have forgotten
our nakedness, frantic like children
         in the cold,
the sun rising beyond the dark woods,
the dreams that twist nearer,
the splitting apart of our souls.

I listen to a lark chirrup in the reeds
beside a bay laurel,
flitting—hurried and winded—
above the grass,
trampled and slick with dew
where the deer have bedded down
in the night.

Without dreams,
you feel heat in place of love,
            sun on stone,
            skin on skin.
At the edge of the meadow, I pause
only to think of leaving you.

A jay calls into the stillness of the trees,
a branch snapping from a tall fir,
falling to the ground.
I turn, and walk
into the woods.


First published by phren-Z Online Literary Magazine, Santa Cruz Writes, Winter 2012

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