New Poem “Mockingbird” by Poet B. L. Bruce Published in Visitant

New Poem “Mockingbird” by Poet B. L. Bruce Published in Visitant

MOCKINGBIRD As it often doesmoving by memory,your body finds mine, fitspuzzled into angles and curvesin those hushed hours—were it not for the mockingbirdscreaming into the moonlit,slate-grey sky. I envy you,your unbothered sleep.No torment. No great,stirring voicein your mindscreaming,screaming. c. B. L. BruceFirst published by VisitantFollow Bruce on Instagram @thepoesis and Twitter @the_poesis

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Poems “The Leaving” and “Fragility,” First Published in The 2River View (Winter 2014)

Throwback to my two poems, "The Leaving" and "Fragility," which appear in my award-winning collection The Weight of Snow, first published in The 2River View. THE LEAVING By the heavy glass doors,you kneel to gather scattered clothes,your naked silhouette a shadowagainst the violet dawn.I know this shape your body makesagainst the sky. A leaf falls [...]

New Poems from Award-winning Author B. L. Bruce

In a similar vein as her award-winning debut collection The Weight of Snow, Bruce’s newest compilation of poetry explores the themes of love, loss, and nature--both human and not. Written in its entirety during a twenty-eight day stay in a remote cabin in the forests of Northern California, B. L. Bruce’s chapbook, The Starling’s Song, affirms [...]

“Pulse” & “Forbearance” published in Issue 30 of Damselfly Press

Below is an excerpt from my latest publication in Damselfly Press's issue 30--my poem titled "Pulse" that is set to appear in my next collection, The Starling's Song (2015) PULSE Listen to the Poem Eating blue mussels from the perfect domes of their shells, you twist a slice of orange into the foam of your [...]

“Clay” Included in Poems from Conflicted Hearts Anthology, Tayen Lane Publishing 2014

Along with six other works, the following poem titled "Clay" was accepted into Tayen Lane Publishing's Poems from Conflicted Hearts: An Anthology scheduled for release in March of 2014!CLAYI come knocking, find you in the garden looking not more than a child, eating the sweet petals of the guava blossoms,bending to sweep the stone pathway.You drift [...]

“Crossing the Meadow” Published in phren-Z Magazine, Winter 2012

         May dawn coming—a thin rain falls. I tread a pathin low marsh grass,        unsteady in a gust,wondering if you have forgottenour nakedness, frantic like children         in the cold,the sun rising beyond the dark woods,the dreams that twist nearer,the splitting apart of our souls.I listen to [...]

‘At Henry Cowell State Park, Early Winter’ Appears in phren-Z Magazine, Winter 2012

 In fall,the Big Leaf maples warm                    in color,and in time will let gotheir dying leaves.By December, the ungiving stalksof the American Sweetgum are bare                                    and still,                                    even in wind.We walk beside the woodyardlate one afternoon,and my mother says,      “The leaves are turning          on the alders,”                       and nods.Her skin, the best clock,           a sundial in the angled light;I do not know her [...]