đŸ”· BOOK: Measures
đŸ”· AUTHOR: B. L. Bruce

My Review:
Measures is the latest poetry collection book written by an award winning author of The Weight of Snow and The Starling’s Song.

In this book, many poems are micropoetry and I loved them. Within just few words, author has expressed deepest emotions.

I watch you dream,
and outside it
begins to snow.

I loved the poem Winter that reminded me of Snow, dreams. With the poem Submission, I think author has expressed heart of many people. White Lillies is a gem in this anthology.

If you love to read poetry then go ahead with this collection. I enjoyed this book with a cup of coffee while sitting in my front porch. Language of the book is lucid. Even if you are not an avid poetry reader, you could follow the poems.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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