Two Poems in the Autumn Issue of The Remnant Archive

The Remnant Archive


The Remnant Archive is an online journal comprising features on literature, art and history.


When I Die

When I die, burn my body.
I hope to leave with you—
among other things—
a sort of fury, enough for you
to imagine me beating the ground
with my fists, igniting. 


Tell me what brings you
to your knees, what becomes of us.
Your fears.

I can tell you in my own words
what we are: we are many things—
small humors, superstitions.

It must also be said
there can be beauty in anguish—
in yours and in mine.

Each of us our own poetry,
a language of wounds, and of dawn,
and the color blue.

And aren’t we, after all,
the miracle of a long-ago mess
as though by accident?

What more need we be? 

c. B. L. Bruce

First published in The Remnant Archive, Autumn 2020 Issue

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