“Eclipse” – Excerpt from “The Starling’s Song”


You awakened me
long after midnight
to watch the moon.
Our heads rolled back,
feeling so insignificant
beneath the canvas of stars,
infinite cosmos.
We name the patterns together.
The world seemed to still
as the moon came into
and then back out of shadow.
The amber orb fell away from me.
I crawled back into my bed,
thinking just yesterday
there was a monarch
in the fountain.
So easily I am
punished by time.


c. B. L. Bruce, The Starling’s Song

2 thoughts on ““Eclipse” – Excerpt from “The Starling’s Song”

  1. Couldn’t see a thing here, because of the good old British weather! The moon disappeared at about half 4 in the morning, but all we could see was black sky: the red moon was obscured by cloud! Lovely poem, though.

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