Next Release Coming April 2016


Following the 2014 and 2015 releases of my first two books, I’m beginning to gear up for my next work, “The Starling’s Song,” coming April 2016.

Here’s a sneak peek at “Feel,” a piece first featured in Purple Passion Press’s 2015 anthology:

Like every other summer afternoon
the sails unfurl in the blue spoon of bay,
white-capped but not enough to rouse
the silty sand. A pale half moon is
held up in the sky, coerced by those laws
we cannot see. A cattle egret flies east
from the lagoon, caring little for the
shrieking company of the terns,
in from the north and sheltering in the
marshes. A plover cries from the mudflat,
thrumming of waves heaving themselves
at the shoreline. Were you here I’d point out
the coyote’s tracks through the sand,
the distance between where each paw fell,
tell you he was running. I’d reveal the place
where, beneath the dune grass, the gull’s
body lay torn open and hollowed, say
to you, This, this is how I feel.

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