BOOK PROMO: B. K. Jones’ ‘Indian Paintbrush’


The past never stays the past. . . .

Keith Hale returns to his small West Texas hometown when his best friend from school, Andy, is murdered. Keith and his wife, Karen, decide to stay a few days after Andy’s funeral to support Andy’s widow, Laney. The three of them soon realize that Andy’s murder may not have been random. It becomes apparent that it’s only the beginning.

Laney has been carrying a secret for two decades that not even her late husband knew about. Eventually, they will all have to fight for their lives. Through it all, Keith and Karen learn that the life they have worked so hard to create may not really be what they want.

 B. K. JONES was born and raised in Big Spring, Texas. This first novel has been a long-time dream of his. He finally reached a point in his life where he could devote the time needed to realize that dream. With the support of his wife, Sharon, he spends his time traveling the country in search of new inspiration for his writing while she finds unique scenes for her fine art photography. Sharon contributed the cover photo for this novel. If you like what you read in these pages, please stay on the look out for other B. K. Jones titles.


This first-time author had me hooked by the end of the first chapter. By the end of the fourth chapter, I couldn’t put the book down; plenty of drama and suspense throughout with just a touch of romance. I’ll be looking for more titles by this author.

A wonderfully written story and a must read this summer. A great book for a Sunday afternoon under the trees of Texas.

Really enjoyed the fast pace and interesting characters. It’s hard to put down. . . . Hope the author will continue with more.

 Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon
and the CreateSpace Marketplace! 

$13.99 Paperback / $3.99 eBook
Genre: Thriller/Action/Suspense
322 pages / Publication date: Mar. 22, 2013

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