PRESS RELEASE: ‘Poems from Conflicted Hearts: An Anthology’ from Smooth Stones Press Now Available!

Love poems and the anthologies that contain them are plentiful. But is it true of their counterpart, poems that speak to loneliness, heartbreak, unrequited love and abuse masquerading as love—conflicted hearts? A brief review of the literary genre would say that there is no such balance. Anthologies of heartbreak, it appears, do not exist in abundance. 

Well, let there be balance in the universe. In this anthology, the opposite of poems of love will have their airing, their day in court, their karmic retribution. Perhaps they will even inform us to love better, more deeply, more genuinely, less we wind up on the other end of one of these poems. This anthology is comprised of the unique voices, styles and experiences of twelve poets (two more than advertised) from various points on the globe, who share their poems of conflicted hearts.

The pain of a conflicted heart is universal. It is our intention, therefore, that this anthology confirm for the reader, that she/he is not alone and hopefully it may show the reader the doorway to catharsis and/or love.



Poems from Conflicted Hearts: An Anthology
Tayen Lane Publishing/Smooth Stones Press
Published March 1st, 2014
eBook: $4.99 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes & Tayen Lane)
Hardcover Available Now for Pre-order!
$24.99/ 6 x 9/ 120 pages

To request a review copy, schedule a contributor interview,
or obtain more information regarding publishing an excerpt,
please send an email to

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