Custom eBook Covers!

I provide fast, affordable, and professional cover design services for authors. With experience designing covers in the ePublishing industry, I know that good covers sell books. I work with authors to create eye-catching covers that capture the soul of an author’s work that takes into consideration the industry standards, styles, and design elements. I want to help you sell your eBook!

*Rates are competitive and depend on time frame and complexity of project. Lower rates for authors who supply their own images.

Email bribruceproductions (at) gmail (dot) com for a quote or for more info!

The covers below are samples of my work. More can be seen on my online portfolio!

therebelsbride_cover      Charades     Family Portrait

     Fat Girl Fairy Boy     Jehovah God

Adventure Inward     Heart of the Diamond     Dalhousie Burning

Stop Smoking

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